Jan. 1st, 2007

Hope you all had a wonderful and safe evening!!! 
We spent our first New Year's Eve alone in 20 years! Inna had to work, bartending her first New Year's Eve (which should be full of interesting stories) and Lou went to her first New Year's party. (only 3 of them, but still, a big step.) My contribution to Lou's party was two bottles of sparkling apple juice, fancy plastic champagne flutes to drink that out of, and a bag of assorted hats, noisemakers and various New Year's swag. I'm sure I'll hear about that too.
So, facing an empty house, the hubby realized that while we had appys to nibble on through the night, we had no sweets and not so much in the way of alcohol. Off we buzzed to the store and grabbed a wee chocolate cake, a wee orange creamsicle cake (which is WOW) and a couple mini pies. Then over to the liquor store, where we bought a couple more bottles of wine. We got home and settled in to watch movies all night. (Woo hoo, the excitement! Lol) Hubby likes the chick flicks, but I prefer action, so I won and we watched the Bourne Identity (which we'd seen eons ago) and the Bourne Supremacy (which we've never seen). Awesome films, although the second had its choppily directed moments that annoyed me. We then followed with his choice, Elizabethtown. Which was sweet, but as he put it, not quite as gripping. Lol. We paused at midnight to watch the local countdown (okay, from Seattle, but it was the closest) and then carried on until oneish, when we stumbled off to bed. The wines we tasted were a zinfandel, a sangria and a blackberry. The blackberry was lovely, I'll buy it again. The other two were also good, but a tiny bit remains of them, so I guess blackberry won. Lol. 
All in all a nice evening. 
Hope you all had a nice night, and may your new year be filled with love and laughter. 
Ciao bellas.


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