Jan. 4th, 2007

I hate to say anything in case I jinx it, but one bright spot in my life lately has been my hockey boys. They're finally clicking and have come back from the Christmas break as a solidified team. Luongo has found his rhythm and is a real part of the team. Everyone except Rory Fitzpatrick has at least one goal, which is funny only if you've been following the vote Pedro  Rory entertainment that has been going on. We've won 5 in a row and last night's was the hardest fought of all. But we're digging deep and finding a way. Trevor's been given more respect and more responsibility and is really shining. It's great to see a coach who isn't a wooden face behind the bench too, I love when something happens and they show the bench and Vigenault is laughing like one of his kids just did something cute. Which sounds odd, but captures the whole mood. He was laughing after Ryan's goal in the shoot out last night, and well he should. When you've played a hard, physical game the night before, had to get on a plane and fly home to a team that was well rested and waiting for us, and then have to dig deep to find a way to even play, they make ME proud. And I love Luongo's spirit lately. Everyone's spirit. 

Love this game, Love this team.


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