Feb. 10th, 2007


Feb. 10th, 2007 10:21 pm
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The internet gods hate me. For some reason, I can't dl the Justin video properly. When I try to play it, it's very choppy - the sound mostly. So I guess I'll have to wait until it makes it to Youtube. It looks cute though, what I could see. I mean, I can SEE it mostly, it's just that the sound is so badly chopped up that you can't really get anything out of it. Ah well. It'll make it even sweeter. 
OH [profile] timberho I didn't leave abruptly - well, not at my choice. As I was saying goodbye - my cable crashed!! Just so you know I didn't abandon you!!
Work was weird today - I swear every nutjob in the town came in.  Plus, it was my first day working with Cathy, who was not her usual fun self. Understandably so, as she does have a WEE bit of stress in her life. But she's not great at dealing with it, and tends to take it out on everyone around her. Which was me today. She just wants to get the chemo going so that it's DONE and she can get her life back. Which, yes I understand. But I miss old Cathy. Sigh. More and more lately, I just want to find a new job. It's to the point that I like one of the people I work with. Fortunately she's a doll, but the rest of the time, it gets old and annoying. I'm tired of being shoved out and shut out just because one person thinks of me as a threat. You know what? We both have our strengths, and they're very different. We make a good team, if you'd get your head out of your ass long enough to see that. And she's using the other pharmacist to pick on me about stupid things. And again, pissing me off. For what they pay me - it's so not worth it. Plus, the only shifts I get decent wages on are also every Saturday. And I need to stop whining.
I need a vacation.
Good night.


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